This past Saturday we were all robbed of one of the most anticipated nights of the year. The 6th Annual Scandals Halloween Costume Contest was quickly torn apart by a LUS power outage that shut down at least a quarter mile area of Kaliste Saloom to Pinhook Road. The power was out for almost 2 hours and many of our wonderful patrons were forced to go elsewhere to attempt to salvage the night. Even though it was completely out of our hands, we were heartbroken to see so many amazing costumes have to leave in the dark.

So let us introduce Re-Halloween 2016!

By the request of many of you who worked so hard and looked forward to the best Halloween celebration in the city, we are extending the Halloween Costume Contest again this Friday night with absolutely NO COVER CHARGE $2 beer specials, and more. We have a plethora of give-aways including shirts, hats, etc. The contest money still stands, 1st place $300, 2nd place $200 and 3rd place will win a $100 bar tab! The party…and the contest must go on! Spread the word and lets Re-Halloween this Friday night. Doors open at 8pm, DJ Mooch keeps us dancing till 2am!